April 22, 2017 - Crazed Baseball Bat Wielder and Looking to the Long-Term


Today I wrote a song on Garageband with the two oldest girls.  It was some much needed fun.  We have been so stressed out lately and it's really been getting to the kids.  It was nice to do something we all enjoy.  You can hear it here.

I also forgot to mention something crazy that happened the other day.  I walked down to a friend's house who lives down the street the other night.  It was raining pretty hard and was just overall kind of creepy.  When I was almost there, I heard something and turned around to see some guy wielding a baseball bat staring my way and walking towards me.  Once I noticed him, he began pointing the bat at me and hitting a tree as hard as he could with it.

My friend stepped out and saw him...so I know he was really there...but it did freak me out.  I have no clue what that was all about.


After several days of getting a little off track, we are back in focus.  We are running out of time and have to focus if we are going to have a place to live by the 1st.

In addition to attempting to get the music video to go as far as possible, we are coming up with some plans for the future.  Part of our business model includes working on becoming thought leaders in a certain area (We'll reveal in what when the time is right).  We decided to rush in and create a couple of groups based on this certain area before someone else did.  We also created several social media pages with the name of the kids' and my band name (Daddy and the Kids).

As much as we just want to focus on the here and now, we aren't just trying to keep ourselves from being homeless...we are trying to build a career.  And because of that, we need to water our long-term goals and plans.


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