April 18, 2017 - Use Precaution Moving Forward & Too Much Work


Today I see exactly why we want to start Family Amplified Musicianship.  This single release is taking up so much of our free time.  We really need to hire out some of this stuff.  It is so much flippin' work.  Our house is trashed, our poor kids are under-stimulated.

We did take little bits of time out to give them some good attention though.  I let both the 3 year old and the 5 year old help me file for copyrights (one kid at a time).  I put up the 6 year old's fort, and I gave her a big long hug and told her I love her.  We went to the library...though both Heather and I got involved in work.

This is why I am writing this section...we both have to be very careful how we structure everything moving forward.  Typically, everyday isn't like this...just on occasion.  But if we aren't careful, we could really shove them to the side.


What didn't we work on today?  We made promotional videos, filed for copyrights, fine tuned the music video, almost finished releasing the single through CD Baby, went live on facebook to premiere the video to our family and friends.  Oh man it was a nutty day.


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