April 14, 2017 - Surprise for Heather and More Video Shooting


I got a ton of extra bonus points today!!  I surprised Heather with a babysitter.  It was classic.  My student (who doesn't drive) comes back 3 hours after her lesson and knocks on the door by herself.  Heather answers and says "Is everything ok?".  She explains how I had asked her to watch the kids so we could go out on a date.  Heather was floored!!  5 hours with no responsibilities!!


Heather is a trooper.  We did quite a bit of work on our date.  We went up to the building we'll have our office in to scope out the live music playing.  They've put on a series called "Fridays at the Asher".  We met up with Kyle our Recording Engineer to discuss some future hopeful plans.

Earlier in the day, I got 3 more of the remaining 4 shots for the music video.  All that's left is the helicopter shot.  I am getting kind of worried about that one, it's going to be tough.  We did find this awesome foundation that helps the Flight for Life crews stay mentally stable.  They have a ton of videos of Flight for Life helicopters taking off and landing.  I am going to ask if I can use one of their clips for our video...that will save me a ton of headache if they say yes...let's hope. 


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