April 11, 2017 - Well Behaved Kids (Phew) and a New Studio!!


We took the family on a big walk today...first to go look at the office space that we are looking to rent out, and then to Taco John's for lunch.  The kids were very well behaved at the Asher building... a couple of times they were rambunctious little kids...but what do you expect.

We desperately need to get out to do something fun as a family.  This is the problem with having a completely busted vehicle.  We either do nothing or have to walk forever to get anywhere.  Hopefully we'll solve this problem soon.


WE ARE OFFICIALLY RENTING OUT AN OFFICE SPACE!!!  We've decided not to name it "Language of the Soul" Academy of Music like we did last time.  We are going with Dunlevy Family Band Studios.  We are taking it in a brand new direction.

The studio will be where we shoot and edit most of our band's music videos, live streams and other videos, record demos of new material, do all of our marketing and teach lessons.  We are so extremely excited we can't barely stand it.  We may be still facing homelessness...but we'll have a place to work and bring in income (I have a feeling we won't end up homeless though.)


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