April 10, 2017 - Baseball Bloopers and Looking at an Office Space


I was gone pretty much the whole day today.  The kids weren't too happy about that...and really neither was I.  I do like going out and getting stuff done, but I don't like doing it without a vehicle.  It takes about 10-15 times longer.  When I got home at the end of the night, we watched a baseball bloopers video from 2006...well kinda watched...they talked my ear off!!

I guess our six year-old started her own restaurant today!!


I looked at an office space in the Asher Building today, and it was a perfect fit for what I need.  There is a big open room in the front that could serve as the waiting room, and a nicely sized room in back that can be used for teaching.  The lady who ran it was extremely nice and seems to be an old-school type when it comes to doing business.  By that I mean she doesn't make tenants jump through a bunch of hoops...she seems to be more concerned about character and the type of business that is going into the building than anything else.

She told me that the building used to be owned by a man named Gordon, who actually lived in the building.  I guess before he died, he always said that he wanted the building to be full of art and music, I think we'll be a perfect fit.  All we gotta do now is read and sign the lease that should be arriving in my email tomorrow morning.

I also began working on mixing our single with Kyle the engineer today, very excited about that.  We'll be wrapping it up and mastering it on Wednesday.


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