March 7, 2017 - Game Night & Late Night working on a Video


I played games with the kids for the first time since coming home from the hospital.  Boy those girls needed it too.  After dinner we played bounce off or whatever it’s called - the game with the ping pong balls that you have to bounce into the grid.  We played with made up rules…it was basically a free-for-all to see who could bounce all of their balls onto the grid first.  The catch was that we played with a point card underneath the grid.  So even though the oldest was the last one to get all her balls on the grid…she still won with the most overall points!!  It was fun.

We also played “Safetyville”, a board game that teaches little kids about safety habits.  Fun to play with them…too boring to explain to you.


Work-wise…I’m sitting up writing this post at 4 in the morning because I’ve stayed up all night working on the music video for our song we wrote for our boy while he was in the hospital.  It’s quite fun…an addicting.  I have ran myself into a brick wall…I don’t know if it’s because I am in need of shooting more footage or if I just need to sleep to recharge my brain.  Probably a little of both.  Either way, at this rate I should have this thing done by the end of the week.  Then we just have to record the song in the studio.


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