March 6, 2017 - Walking on Water


It was not easy today.  Everyone was pretty much at each other’s throats (figuratively, not literally of course).  Times are tough, we really didn’t have much leeway for a crazy life changing event that caused us to get 18 days behind on every single thing.  It’s funny how when things seem nearly impossible…we pick up the bible and read exactly what we needed to.

We read the story of Jesus walking on the water and Peter walking towards him to the kids.  When his eyes were on Jesus, he had faith in Him and was able to walk on the water himself.  When he focused on the storm, the waves, and the utter impossibility of the situation, he began to sink.  If that ain’t what we needed to hear right now…I don’t know what is.   


I worked on catching up the blog by putting the drafts up on blogger…next step is to go through the pics and put some in the blogs.  We are planning on holding off on posting the blogs from the hospital experience for a few days to correlate their release with us explaining the whole situation to all of our Facebook friends and extended family…who we haven’t let in on how everything went down…which was a difficult, but we feel necessary decision. 

The whole experience was such a ridiculously difficult rollercoaster ride, that having to explain the whole thing to everyday to everyone who asked for updates would have been more stress added on.  Although we would have loved to have known that we had hundreds of people thinking of us and praying for our boy, we were able to focus on the situation better this way…which was intense nearly everyday.  And we were very blessed to have had a close group of friends and family that were there for us through the whole thing.


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