March 25, 2017 - Local Burger Joint and New Students

I took the birthday girl on a walk to get Burger Inn (a local burger joint here on the west side of Cheyenne).  She loved having daddy time and it's still her birthweek so she got to pick where we got dinner from. 

They were about to close when we got there.  I placed my pretty big order and the guys looked annoyed.  I heard what sounded like a vulgarity muttered under the cook's breath (but maybe I misheard) that seemed to be directed at me.  My instincts were to say something to him about it, and I almost did.  But I looked at my 5 year old, I thought about how much spit could end up on my burger, and I thought about when I was 15 working at Taco John's and people came in at the last second.  So I tipped the guy a small amount and told him how much I appreciated them making my food so late in the evening.  They were so cool to us after that.  

I really feel bad that I was thinking about calling the guy out, but I am glad for my daughter's sake that I changed my mind.  Praise God.
I had two new lessons today.  And it's a real bummer because they were so awesome and they seemed to really enjoy it...and we will be getting kicked out of this house after next month.  Heather is encouraging me to look into office spaces this week.  So I think I am going to do that starting on Monday.  We've found some for as little as $310/month.   I really want to keep my students.


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