March 24, 2017 - Where Will We Live and What Will Happen to My Students?


So, day two of not knowing where we are going to live.  The kids are handling it pretty well.  I think they see that we are doing ok.  We have faith that God will provide.  We went on another walk and the kids love that.  No freak outs, no crying...they must have faith as well.

This pic taken by the 5 year old on her new camera.

One of the most difficult parts of all this is trying to figure out what we're going to do with all my students.  I've got 12 students and 2 to 4 new ones starting within the next couple of weeks.  We don't have a clue what to do to keep them as students.   I may be able to travel to their house, or find a public place that would let me do lessons.  Or if we end up hitting the road like we want to, I could do their lessons over Skype or FaceTime.  It would be a shame if I had to lose them.  I really like all of my students.  But I've got to figure out where we'll be living before I can come up with a plan for my students...


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