March 18, 2017 - Bike Ride for the Kids and Working all night again


We went on another walk today.  Actually, we brought the kids' bikes and took them to my old elementary school to race in the parking lot.  Tons of fun for them and us.  The kids just rode back and forth while Heather filmed it and I drooled over the Ford E-350 bus in the parking lot. 

Poor kids again are just waiting for us to be done with all these massive projects.  Watching a lot of movies.  It shouldn't be too long before we are in a groove with all of our new stuff we got going on.  Then we'll be incorporating the content that the kids can be included in.  And those will be really fun!!


Tonight Heather and I really put the pedal to the metal on practicing.  We added 3 songs to our set.  They are songs that we could already play months ago, but haven't practiced them since the baby was born.  Total of four we can play thru well now.  About 20 more or so to go.  Next is a cover.

I am staying up late again tonight.  I am scheduling a new live series on facebook live.  We are going to do a ukulele worship sing-along.  We are going to promote it to some Christian Facebook groups to try to get people to it.  It'll be free, and we are thinking about sending out the setlist and the links to the chord charts that we'll use a week before so that others can join along.  I've also got hangouts sessions that I'll be working on too for Patreon...among other things.


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