March 14, 2017 - Strange Backpack Found, Pillow War, Grant App, and Playing Catch Up.


We went on another walk this evening as a family…why not, nice weather…extra hour of sunlight.  But I stumbled upon something quite strange.  A backpack was laying in the middle of an alley.  I picked it up to see if there was any names inside so I could try to get it back to the owner.  I found a notebook inside.  I opened it to look for a name, and I opened it straight to a form from the Cheyenne Police Department.  It was a form for sex offenders to fill out.  I turned to the first page and it was an admission of this person sexually assaulting someone.  The whole notebook was entirely written in, but I couldn’t look for a name any longer, I just put it all back.  Kinda felt a little weird.

Other than that, I went to start a project that I had planned for myself to accomplish today…and I saw that I had actually already finished it!!  So with my free time I decided to spend it goofing around with the kids.  We had a Pillow War, then I put them each in a blanket one at a time and threw it them onto the couch.  It was the most fun with them that I’ve had in weeks at least.  I need to do that stuff more often.  Then we put them to bed late and they were upset with us because we didn’t follow our normal bedtime routine.  Parents aren’t allowed to win twice in a row. 


I went to the Wyoming Arts Council today to talk to Rachel about the Grant I am applying for.  She is very helpful and I am extremely confident because of her attitude that I will be approved for it.  Then we will be getting a nice, new $750 Video Camera!!  I’m going wait ’til I fully celebrate though.

Tonight we are staying up late to catch up our blogs and Instagram Page.  We are going to be finally announcing to the world what exactly happened to our son.  We are far enough removed from it now that it’s not bothering us as much.  With that, we are changing the way we publish the blogs and the pics.  We are going to stop scheduling them for a week after everything occurs and post everything in the moment or within 24 hours of it happening. 

Things are about to start getting interesting…


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