March 1, 2017 - My First Stepdad Came to Town


My first stepdad (of three) is a truck-driver.  He called me yesterday saying that he was going to be coming through Cheyenne on his way to Portland, Oregon.  It’s been about 4 years or so since we’ve seen him, so the kids don’t really remember him…so it was very exciting for them. 

He was only around for about 3 hours or so…but that was enough time for the kids to do half the things that they do everyday, and for us to have a good catch up chat. 

The kids got to meet a guy who was pretty much a stand-in for my absentee (except for every other weekend, woohoo) father from when I was 2 and a half until I turned 8.  If you can’t tell, I’m not a big fan of my dad, maybe I’ll get into that another time, but I will say that I do what I can to be nothing like him in many areas of my life.  My stepdad on the other hand, hasn’t ever done anything to cause me not to respect him.

Besides being distant, I’ve also considered my real father a softy.  My stepdad is nothing like that.  I spent a lot of my early years hanging out with him in a family gun store that he managed.  He doesn’t take crap from people, crap like lying and disrespect.  Treat him well and he will treat you well.  He taught me to stand up for myself.  He also believed in disciplining kids…but not without explaining the reasoning behind the discipline.  In other words, no “because I said so”’s. 

These are all things that I have picked up along the way…but didn’t really realize where from until talking with him today.  And best of all…the kid’s liked him.


I didn’t get a ton of work done today because of our visitor, but I did get to work on catching up our finances and taxes late into the night.  Hip hip hooray.  (I actually do kind of enjoy it though).


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