Hospital Day 9: 2/12/17 - Wife/Mom Withdrawals

I am having serious wife withdrawals.  Not sure how long it has been since I have been away from Heather for this long, but I am certain that last time it was a lot less stressful.  Less responsibilities, no injuries, etc.  I take that back, as I am writing I remember the last time was back in 2010 when Heather went to California for a week with her mom. I couldn’t wait to see her so I began driving east through Wyoming to meet her before she made it back.  On the way there I got a call from a friend telling me that my closest cousin drowned.  But that’s a story for another time.

I feel real bad for the girls.  They are stuck with a dad who is trying real hard, but is completely lost without his wonderful wife.  I’ve had these high aspirations of cleaning the entire house, getting it completely caught up.  But then the one year old started puking all over everything and my only goal became making sure that the house didn’t become overrun by misplaced bodily waste. 

I also have become very preoccupied with the song I am writing for my son.  I am very happy with it and have completely finished the song’s structure.  Now I just need to fine tune the transitions and iron out some of the repetitive parts by making some small changes.  Also, I made room for a solo, so I need to work that out and transcribe the vocals.  I am very excited to finish this one, hopefully before he gets out of the hospital.  At this pace, I may be done with it tomorrow. 

I may need to go back out to Denver tomorrow, Heather and I are both missing each other a ton right now, and she could definitely use some sleep (which will only come if there is someone else there to take a shift of taking care of the little guy).  I hope things get back to normal soon!


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