Hospital Day 5: 2/8/17 - Much Better Day


Today our boy is looking and acting so much better.  I’d say about 85% back to normal.  He had to have surgery to get a little device implanted on his scalp that extracts all of the excess fluid out of his head.  It is horrific to look at, but he looks like he feels 1000 times better, and he’s not arching his back as much anymore.  The last 4 days have been extremely scary, but we are very hopeful about his future.


I had to come back out to the hospital to give Heather some stuff today.  I’m staying the night out here with her, so we went on a little “date” night.  This “date” consisted of walking around a nearby mall talking about the baby, and eating at Subway (provided by a gift card from a few of my wonderful students) talking about the baby.  This is the last night I will see her and my son for several days, because the poor girls need me at home really bad.  The babysitters are great, but kids just need their parents, you know.  I absolutely cannot wait for our family to be completely together again.



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