Hospital Day 4: 2/7/17 - Nutty Day


What an insane day.  I brought our 6 year old with us to the hospital, which was a terrible idea in one sense, although I really enjoyed her company.  It was a terrible idea not because of her, but because the hospital doesn’t allow children under 13 back into the rooms this time of year because of illnesses.  So Heather and I had to switch off watching her and going back with the baby.

On the bridge over the main road leading to the Children's Hospital.
Meanwhile, the baby was doing much better most of the day.  He was partially opening his eyes for me last night, and was fully awake with them wide open most of the day today.  He was doing so well that his medical team decided to move him out of the PICU.  The only problem is that we weren’t aware of how much we could pick him up once we moved to the new room.  So he was completely coherent, but was upset that we weren’t picking him up.  He threw a huge fit and caused some of his vital monitor alarms to go off.  They moved him back down to the PICU after that as a precautionary measure, where Heather will be transitioning into replacing the nurses as the main caretaker again.

Our oldest watching the marble machine in the Children's hospital lobby.
Also today, Heather called me in a panic after our attorney called us talking about the possibility of the DA pressing charges for negligence.  The problem is that there was no negligence or any trauma associated.  The cause of his incident was a Vitamin K deficiency.  Once the attorney realized this, he called us back and said it was a cut and dry case, then called us again to tell us the DA was not going to press charges.  Thank God. 

All three of the events in these previous paragraphs were completely intertwined and lasted all day with other bits of craziness in between!!

More updates on the baby tomorrow.


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