Hospital, Day 18: 2/21/17 - Can't Sleep, Getting Discharged Tomorrow

I haven’t said that many days were great days lately…at least not in the last 2 weeks.  But today was a great day.  I think Heather would agree with me, if she were awake.

Right now, I am staring out this awesome window at this spectacular view of Denver that we’ve been blessed with, waiting for the Emergency Airlift Helicopter to return to the hospital.  It left about 2 hours ago…and it’s one of the last shots that I need for our music video.  I did manage to get a really pathetic video of it yesterday, but I think I can do better if I am prepared for it.  So I may not be getting any sleep tonight.

The view out of the hospital room.
But it also may be for no reason…we did leave the room for about an hour total getting other shots that we needed together.  The problem is we have no way of knowing how far away the helicopter went for the emergency.  More importantly, I hope the child that they went to get makes it here alright either way…but with the team they have on those choppers and in this facility…if they arrive there on time their chances are great. 

Little man's ready to go home.
On top of getting almost every video shot I need (about 5 or so are left for me to get here) we are getting discharged tomorrow morning.  For the first time in our nearly eight years of marriage, we have been apart for more than 3 days.  And that was before our oldest was born, back in 2010 as practically newlyweds.  But our now family of 7 finally gets to reunite completely after 18 days of being separated.

Once we get home, we will have to adjust to a son who has to live with an incurable (yet controllable) condition for the rest of his life.  It won’t be easy, but we are up for the challenge.  We will also begin recording the song we wrote for him, finish up the last of the video recording and putting together the pieces for the music video.  I am so excited for the next few weeks.


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