Hospital, Day 16: 2/19/17 - Better Together

Tonight I arrived at the hospital to see Heather and my son.  It's such a relief to be here with them.  Tomorrow is his surgery. It’s a routine one to the Doctors, but to a parent any operation on your child is a source of anxiety.

The surgeons are saying that we could be out of here in two days.  I’ll believe it when it happens, but it’s nice to hear.  We are both going stir-crazy…in our own separate ways.

Heather is sensory-deprived, I’m sensory-overloaded.  She sits in a little room with nothing to do but take care of her baby who’s hooked up to a bunch of wires (and who sleeps most of the day).  I’ve been at home with four girls 6 years old and under destroying the house while following me around asking me to do things for them (don’t get me wrong, they are sweethearts). 

This has all just been a testament to why the family is supposed to stick together.  Sure, we’ve survived this rough patch of our lives without each other…but I tell you one thing:

We’re better together. 


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