Hospital, Day 12: 2/15/17 - My Son's Song Is Finished

I finally finished my song for my son.  It was a very difficult song to write.  One because of the heart-wrenching subject matter, and two because I am watching all of the other 4 children.  It took me about a week, but I am really happy with it.  A lot of late nights with my ukulele and guitar pro to get this one worked out.  Next order of business is for both Heather and I to be able to play our parts.

As for the family, we are getting exhausted.  We really need each other.  We don’t know how much longer as the transition off of the shunt in his brain didn’t go well like we had hoped.  He started leaking fluid through the stitches in his head.  This means possible surgery.  We’ll see tomorrow, but if that is the case, what would have been a possible Sunday discharge will likely turn into another week.  It’s absolutely maddening, but we are trusting God through all this.  It is amazing what He has revealed to us through all of this.



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