February 28, 2017 - Two Months Straight of Blogging

4 weeks ago…I was celebrating the fact that I made it through one whole month of blogging every single day.  That task alone seemed very difficult at the time.  But now sitting here on the last day of February looking back at the absolute insane month that we had…I feel more like I accomplished the impossible.

I made it through 18 days of having my newborn only son airlifted to the Denver Children’s Hospital, not knowing if he would survive or if he did whether he would be the same, having custody of him wrongly taken from us, his two brain surgeries, living separately from my wife while she stayed with him, taking care of my four daughters six and under by myself much of the time, and dealing with extended family acting in inappropriate and illegal manners…and still managed to write at least a paragraph about it all every day. 

I even had to go back and check to make sure I actually did write one everyday because the whole 18 days is completely blurred together. 

I really belief that if I can write one a day throughout all that…the rest of the year should be a cakewalk!!  Now I just gotta catch up posting them!!!


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