February 27, 2017 - Starting to Get Our Businesses Back in Order

The house is back in order…now it’s time to get our businesses back in order.  I had to start by getting all of our files back in order.  I have been writing a blog everyday in February…but I haven’t been filing them away…they have just been sitting on the desktop, or saved in the wrong place.  I also haven’t been uploading the pictures and videos we’ve been taking, which I usually organize everyday too.  So my desktop was a cluttered mess…and so was my email.

Tomorrow I also have to do paperwork for the baby (because of his home birth) and our taxes.  Then after all that, I will begin working on the music video for the song I wrote for our son.  I cannot wait to get started with that.  We were supposed to begin the final stages of recording our first album at the beginning of February, but now we had to push that back and have a whole other project in between.  Whew.  

We are now officially a month behind in our work because of the hospital stay, but sometimes you have to roll with the punches and see opportunity when hard times arise.  I think that this whole situation will work out for our good.  We’ll see.


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