February 25, 2017 - Exhaustion Wins Tonight

We just got out of a game-changing, earth-shattering event.  And when that happens…and you step back into normalcy again, it’s quite an adjustment.  We have been attempting to get our house back in order, but the baby couldn’t sleep last night…seemed like he was in a lot of pain from his surgery, poor guy.  Now he’s conked, but he was like this all day too, just grouchy.  We got a lot of the house back in order, but it’s not near done.  We kept getting sidetracked today, having to deal with cashing checks, conducting guitar lessons, having friends over (which we really needed some good company).  

This is all so surreal what happened with our son and we are both so exhausted and wanting to get into the groove at the same time.  It’s a difficult thing to explain really….so difficult that I am going to go to sleep now. 


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