February 24, 2017 - My Awesome Students

Today I had my first big day of guitar lessons since our lives have gotten back to normal after the hospital.  I had five students and it felt so good to teach them.  Each one of them is fun in their own way.

Kaylyn is a bass player who is on her 3rd lesson with me  She has never played an instrument before now but is attempting to join the worship band at her church.  She’s doing pretty good for only playing for 3 weeks.  She was referred to me by my good friend who gave me his guitar teaching position at the YMCA 10 years ago, which in turn kickstarted my career in guitar instruction.

Justin is a guy who I began teaching about 6 or 7 years ago.  Heather taught him bass for a little while and now he’s started playing the electric guitar.  He is learning country lead.  His dad is a rhythm guitar player in a local country band.  Our goal is to get him to a point in his playing where his dad can’t possibly pass on having him in his band.

Kieran is a ukuleleist who has only been playing for six months or so.  But man, this kid has a knack for the instrument.  I have never seen a player come up with the type of stuff this guy does this early on, especially being as young as he is.  If he can keep himself disciplined in his practice habits…he will be someone that the ukulele community is talking about when he is an adult. 

Finally I have a dual lesson with Kendra and Keianna.  Keianna is  a cellist, and Kendra is a hammer dulcimer player.  They are learning to compose original pieces together.  This one is challenging me to think about music and writing in different ways than I am used to…because I don’t play either instrument.  I really enjoy it though, they are darn good at playing.  They are currently working on a short piece that Keianna wrote entitled “Annoyances Called Brothers”. 

In a word…I love teaching, and I have the best students.


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