January 31, 2017 - One Whole Month, Nine Whole Years

Today is a pretty cool day.  It has been exactly one month since our son was born.  It still feels quite surreal.  He’s my little buddy.  He’s been extremely calm for a baby.  He almost sleeps through the night, only really waking up once halfway through usually.  He loves all his sisters, especially the second oldest (or maybe she’s just a baby hog).  He’s a great addition to the family and we love him very much.  I can’t wait for him to start showing some personality.

Also, Heather and I have combined to write one blog everyday for all of January.  Our goal of course, is to write one for everyday for the entire year.  And going one month is a great milestone.  For me the next milestone will be going an entire quarter.  But we are about to get our first big test for our consistency.  I’ll explain more when it gets closer to the time of the test.

Lastly, it has been 9 years to the day that Heather and I met.  In 2008, we met at a friend’s house on January 31, I asked her out on the 9th of February, then we celebrated our first Valentine’s Day on the 14th.  So we try to celebrate for the entire “fortnight” every year.  This year, (and the last few years while we’re being honest) we have been broke.  So not so much celebrating the last few years, but we still go back through some of our old pictures and talk about the memories…maybe have some champagne…or ice cream.  Anyway, life is better with my wife, no matter how we celebrate it. 

Tomorrow, I will be writing in my new format!!  Hopefully it will be more interesting than my January ramblings!!


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