January 27, 2017 - Big Projects

Today I continued building our email list by asking friends and relatives on facebook.  My goal is 100 emails and I made it all the way to 87.  It is exhausting because I don’t feel right just asking…I am trying to catch up with these people.  Honestly, it’s a good excuse for me to be sociable again, but it is taking a lot of time and staring at the screen.


I also found today that we are going to need to upgrade our subscription to our favorite new website, Canva.  There’s a lot that we can’t do now with the free version, but hey…that just means prettier posts down the road.

Next up is working on the website.  That is the last big thing that I need to do before we are really able to go full throttle with everything.  The next steps are not as big of projects up front.


The kids are good, but I’m boring them to death…I got to get this website done so that we can get back into a groove and these poor kids can have more time with mom and dad when they can each give full attention to them in areas other than just cleaning up after themselves.  It will come…and all this hard work will pay off.


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