January 24, 2017 - Trying to Make Each Child Feel Special

One of the most difficult things about having several kids is trying to make each of them feel special and giving them adequate attention.  Days like today are quite difficult, days where both Heather and I have a lot of work to get done.  Our 3 year old was feeling a bit left out…and because of that getting herself in quite a bit of trouble. 


I like to switch off taking them out on errands with me to get some one-on-one time in.  But in the past, I’ve had trouble remembering who went last and who is next.  Last week was our 6 year olds birth week, so I knew it would be fine to take the one who was having the trouble today.  She definitely needed the special time. 


To prevent wars breaking out between my children in the future, I’ve designed a simple little fridge chart to tell who’s turn it is to go out running errands by themselves.  All I do is put each kids pic or name in the squares, and put a magnet on the space of the child who last went out.  Whoever’s next on the chart is next to go with me.  I'm planning on making several of these for people to download if they want to use them.

This is my rough draft.  I plan on refining it a bit.
My 3 year old and I went ti Taco John’s (our favorite place).  Nothing too exciting, but she was ecstatic!!  The kids talk my ear off whenever I take them out and I love it.  It’s a great time for me to relay wisdom to them.  We also saw some antelope laying on the side of the road on the way there.  That was awesome for her!!

I'm really happy with this shoot.  Check out our instagram to see my favorite.
I love these little one-on-one trips with my girls, I wouldn’t trade them for anything at all.


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