July 19, 2016 - Jammin' to a Heartbeat and A Carriage Ride

The Youngest Musicians to Ever have a Jam Session

Today was awesome.  We had our first appointment for the new baby.  We got to lug all 4 girls with us to see Phyllis, our midwife that we’ve been blessed to work with through 2 pregnancies (though she only got the chance to help deliver one.)

(Photo Credit: http://designandbuildwithmetal.com)

We got to hear the heartbeat, and I recorded it as usual.  All the girls were amazingly quiet through all of it…except the 11 month old…who chimed in by playing a toy bowl as a musical instrument by banging it on the ground.  If you listen, she’s amazingly in near perfect time with her little brother or sister’s heartbeat!! 

(photo credit:http://www.anawiz.com)

I wish that I didn’t use garageband to record…I only got about 10 seconds and after the duet Heather began cracking up laughing.  This caused the “doppler?” to make these crazy noises, almost like a dj scratchin’ a record.  But I didn’t get that down darnit.

The Carriage and the Science Teacher

Afterwords, we surprised the kids by switching our field trip morning from Wednesday to today…and taking them on a carriage ride.  Being the horse crazed kids that they are, they were extremely excited.  We got on the carriage and the driver looked very familiar.  He introduced himself as Steve the former science teacher.  There it was.

Steve, or Mr. Seagle as I knew him, was my 8th grade science teacher.  He was actually my favorite science teacher.  He explained everything in a very easy to understand manner, and always added a tinge of fun and humor.  This turned out to be the same in his telling of Cheyenne History as we rode downtown in the horse-driven carriage.  What a great experience.

Free Time!!!

The day ended with us recording and getting the kids watched.  A little free time without the mega responsibility of four kids is always a great end to the day. 


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