July 15, 2016 - Our 7th Anniversary

It is the week of our wedding anniversary (which happened to land on a Tuesday, the 12th).  Being the sentimental couple that we are, celebrating the weekend before or after just doesn’t comprehend.  Without deep pockets to vacation or buy each other extravagant gifts, we have to get creative.

Our First Official Family Photo!!
So how did we celebrate?  Well first off we worked on our album a little in the studio.  Then we went to Red Lobster.  Pretty good little date night.  We also didn’t let the kids nap that afternoon or watch movies before bed like they usually do when being watched by someone.  This meant that they were conked out by the time we got home around 10:45. WOOHOO!!

Cheyenne's Red Lobster, ain't Cheyenne's sky pretty?

So we have been trying to go to bed around 10:30 in order to wake up early to practice and work before the kids get up.   But it was our anniversary…bedtime rules don’t apply.  We got us some pizza rolls and ice cream and stayed up until like 1:30 playing the Sims (this is all luxury for us).

While this was fun, reality sets in the days following.  Without a boss to reprimand you for showing up late, sometimes you sleep in.  This can really hurt productivity, especially with four kids running around wanting to destroy everything.

On the left is a list of our to-do lists

So this week, we’ve found ourselves with a mile-long list of musical and business to-do’s, and we have not been able to do many of them at all.  Especially since there was one huge task that I felt needed to be done before I could even begin writing this blog post or pick up my instrument.  Something I hate doing, yet when done will increase my productivity exponentially.  I’ll talk about that tomorrow.

Maybe there's a lot to do, but sometimes we just got to take time to celebrate our marriage.


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