January 6, 2017 - Father Fail Day

So a health clinic lied to me today…go figure.  They said on the radio yesterday that they had a petting zoo in their parking lot today at 4.  To be honest, I was a little skeptical (there is like a foot of snow outside) but I made the mistake of telling the kids anyway.  I was going to take them, and when I confirmed it wasn’t really happening and I told the kids…they were really bummed.

Our oldest petting a miniature horse.  She looks...ecstatic...

In retrospect, I should have taken them to do something else fun, but at the time I had a good amount of work to do.  I did that instead, but I wish I had spent the time with them.  I’m thinking I’m going to try to make it up to them on Saturday or Sunday.  I have an idea…

At least I made them some Dunlevy Snow Cones...that should give me a few points at least.
My poor wife also ended up with the kids all day.  5 days postpartum.  I had 3 lessons, and her mom came over to help a little bit, but she had at least 2-3 of them almost all day.  Then, like a doofus, I said “You mind if I get Dave to smoke a cigar with me to celebrate the baby?”  Of course, being the sweetheart she is, she said yes.  So I got them down to bed and put on some Veggie Tales, and said they should be fine.

I didn't even get a pic with Dave...shame.  And word to the wise, spend more than two bucks on your cigars

I left for two hours and came back and they were all still wound up and she was a wreck on the couch.  But at least I smoked my cigar, right?   Some days, you just fail as a father and a husband.  But that’s okay, at least I try and they still love me.


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