January 5, 2017 - A Blog-a-Day All Year

Not too much interesting going on today (unless you count my multiple Mr. Mom fails as interesting).  That’s a good thing though, because it brings me to a blog post that I’ve been itching to get to. 

When we looked forward to 2017 last year, we saw that this was going to be a very interesting year for our family.  We were expecting a baby to kick it off (he came on the 31st of December), we were done with the planning phase of our band and moving into content creation, our album is set to release in July and lots of other interesting little things going on in our lives.

So we came to a decision, Heather and I would be maintaining a daily blog the entire year.  I will be doing most of the writing, she will be doing most of the photography and the editing of the pictures.  The kicker though is that we will be creating one post EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR!!

You’ll be following our family as we attempt to balance giving 5 kids the attention that they need with attempting to make a career out of playing music in the digital age, all from our home base in sleepy Cheyenne, WY.

Now our lives may get boring at times (like today) and when they do, we have set up a couple of different series we will write about to keep y’all interested.  They are:

DFB Reminiscing

In this series, we will chronicle the events in Heather and my pasts that led us to where we are now.  We will mainly focus on events that made us desire to put family first in our lives, drove our desire to be professional musicians, personal milestones or crazy Paul stories.
We'll try to figure out what kind of miracle happened allowed this punk kid...
...to marry this beautiful young woman.

Family Amplified Musicianship (F.A.M.) 

This series focuses on the specific methods we use to prevent alienating our children (we’ve all heard the stories of musician’s kids), how we go about teaching them music, and how we attempt to include them in the music and business sides of our band in hopes of them joining the band of their own free will.  I am also working on plans to interview fellow musicians on how they balance family and career. 

Follow our blog to see if we can juggle our family life and music career better than we can 3 pieces of paper.

We will also be taking the kids on many Cheyenne and Southeast Wyoming adventures...taking pictures, videos, playing music on location and writing about it along the way.

Planning where we are going by sorting through brochures.

We’ve got a lot coming out this year and a lot of big plans for beyond 2017.  We’d love it if you’d join us on this crazy journey we’ve decided to take… 


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