January 17, 2017 - The Belated Birthday Band

In the Dunlevy family, we don’t just celebrate birthdays…we celebrate birthweeks.  So when uncle Mark couldn’t come over on Sunday to eat cake and ice cream with our 6 year old, it was a simple solution, reschedule for today.  

Crazy pic of "Old McMarky" taken by the 6 year old.
We had to do a second little party for her, after all she wanted a marching band at her birthday party.  And Mark did use to be Drum Major for Cheyenne’s top high school marching band.  In fact, his pic is up at Applebee’s…right next to the bathroom.  I’ll have to get a picture of that and post it up here soon, it’s super awkward, at least for me. 

The Belated Birthday Band

They ended up doing a marching band, and it was awesome.  I don’t think that the kids are quite ready for the parade yet.  But hang around “Mr. Marky Man” long enough and they’ll be pros before we know it. 

The Belated Birthday Marching Band

After the marching band and the cake and everything else, we put the kids to bed and just kept doing what we've been doing everyday…work all night.  I went live for the first time on facebook just jamming out.  I should have kept it but I deleted it.  I’ll do it again and link it on the blog tomorrow.  It was an interesting albeit strange experience for me…but we have to get used to it as it is a vital part of our business plan.  


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