January 15, 2016 - Shortcomings, Strengths and a Birthday

We all have failures in life, no matter how hard we try.  But I’m starting to realize that sometimes our parental failures have a way of highlighting the things we’ve done right (probably to keep us from feeling too bad about ourselves).  For instance: last night Heather and I stayed up too late working on planning our posts for Instagram next week.  Well we didn’t get up before the kids and two of the younger ones found the cake and knocked it on the floor…practically ruining the look of it.  A huge failure on our part.

The black roses fell of the corner, and a a just got generally smushed.

One would expect a six year old to get upset with their sisters and/or throw a fit about having their cake be messed up like that, especially when that was the first thing that happened upon waking up on their birthday.  But we are happy to report that our six year old was not even upset in the slightest, even forgiving them immediately.  She didn’t even frown about it.  It makes me feel like we must be doing something right.

Immediately after the cake incident...she's still happy (phew!)
Opened it again later and still no complaints.  I think I would have been whining more that she did.

We got her a her own digital camera and an 8 gb memory card.  She has shown interest in taking pictures and can’t wait to see what she captures.


Here are some of the first pics she took 
(can't show you the first cuz it was of the 4 year old's buttcrack).

We also went to Jumpin’ Jacks, we love Jumpin’ Jacks.


And of course Texas Roadhouse (for the birthday saddle).

The nice staff even let her sit on the saddle for awhile after they sang to her.
My personal favorite part was taking her on a trip to pick up her uncle (who ended up not coming).  We talked about life, about our relationship, about each of our shortcomings and strengths in life.  We discussed what we wanted to work on with each other to become a better father and daughter.  Then we stopped and gawked at some horses…dreaming about buying one (or 200,000 in her head)…bummed out that we both forgot our cameras.  Then we came back home and she gave me a big hug and kiss.  
Don't know what we'd do without her.
Well, we have a six year old.  What a great day it was too.  I am very proud of my little girl.


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