January 11, 2017 - Zeke’s First Family Outing

Well, we stuffed our family of seven into the van for the first time today.  Poor Heather spent nearly an hour playing tetris with the car seats.  I believe we have pretty much graduated into 12 seater territory.  It was a lot of work getting them out of the house…but we all really needed it today.

Is it just us, or are little boys more chill than little girls?  Let us know, cuz all we know are girls.
We went to this really awesome little museum, The Messenger’s Old West Museum.  This is pretty much this gentleman’s private old west artifact collection.  It is very impressive.  

Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show

It’s really only two giant rooms, but filled wall to wall with early automobiles, old west stagecoaches, horse tack (including a bunch used from the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show), fully set up old west kitchens and bedrooms and a ton more.
All six of these horse harnesses were used in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show.

Of course we found the musical instrument...a player organ...rock on!!

This would be the 12-Seater Carriage our family would need.


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