August 5, 2016 - Zinnia’s First B-Day

So excited!!
Our youngest just celebrated her 1st birthday.  I’ve often wondered, 3 other times (with my 3 other kids, to be precise) if other parents have the same difficulty choosing what to do to celebrate that first birthday.  They are too young to be able to remember what they did on their first birthday, but have you ever been to a one year old’s b-day party?  Having 3 older kids, we have to keep them (and ourselves) entertained as well.  So we didn’t throw a typical first birthday party.

"Give me a kiss!!"
What did we do you ask?  We had a two day extravaganza for the whole family.  On her birthday we went to my new favorite place in Wyoming, the Terry Bison Ranch. There they have chickens, horses, cows, llamas, ostriches and of course bison.  We took a train ride out to feed the bison.  Our one year old was ecstatic when she saw them!!

Wouldn't be a Dunlevy B-day without horses
The older girls got to do their favorite thing in the world…ride ponies, while the one year old watched in fascination and afterword got to pet the ponies.  All-in-all, it was a great time and we will definitely be returning.

In her Element
Dad's got a lot to learn
They have a knack for this sort of thing.
Another place we will definitely be returning is the Denver Museum of Science and Nature.  We went there on the second day of her birthday and it was worth it.  I had a lesson that ran until 1230, so we didn’t get there until about 3:15 sadly.  That only gave us an hour and 45 minutes, and if you’ve ever been to a museum, you know that is simply not enough time.

Our timing, however, was great.  We went the day before Google’s robotics exhibit was moving out.  While our family hates robots, we are genuinely fascinated by them and want to keep tabs on advancements made in the field.  After all this is going to be a big part of our children’s lives and they need to be aware of it.

"Exoskeleton" Robot
Ugly Climber Bot
Our family bond was deepened when were creeped out by a facial mapping bot, angered by a bot that kept it’s balance when pushed and overjoyed when one bot was too dumb to realize that our game of tic-tac-toe was over.  It was even more fun after we left as we all took turns describing ways in which we could destroy robots if they started getting weird on us.   We had some great laughs.

"Loving a Robot" How sweet (not).
It was a very good birthday weekend for our one year old and our entire family.  And while she may not remember it exactly, this weekend will help her shape who she is in the future.  And hey, we got some great pictures for her to look at down the road.

A Family of Strange Folks

The Birthday Girl!!


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