June 6, 2017 - On Edge and Unable to Focus


The kids were pretty much on edge all day, Heather and I were pretty much on edge the whole day, the dog was a wreck pretty much all day. I took time to play with the kids, but we all know I'm going back tomorrow, and that I only get two days off most weeks. So we just got depressed. We're looking for ways to get our own place as quickly as possible but it is next to impossible right now.


Work today was OK, Heather's logo for the crowd surfing storyteller tour is looking awesome. I caught up the blog up completely, scheduling them for next month to go out.  Other than that we had trouble getting focused. We did end up playing our set, or at least some of it. Hopefully we’ll be able to focus more tomorrow.

Obstacles to a Healthy Balance

I would say it was a very balanced day today…because neither work nor family was very productive. We just were off. I think it has to do with not having a place of her own,. Don't get me wrong, these people we're staying with are great, we just need a place of our own.


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