June 23, 2017 - Fell of the Wagon and Running into old Students


I already fell off the wagon with daily FaceTime calls to the kids. One day is all I could handle I  guess.  To my defense, I was on four hours asleep for the last four days each.  From what I understand, the kids were much better behaved today than they were yesterday.  Hopefully that's because we didn’t have a call.


Work was pretty eventful, I scheduled two performers to start next week at the coffee shop. They were excited, Crystal the owner of the coffee shop is excited, I'm excited. It's going to really liven up the shop I think, and eventually bring us more business downstairs.

In the evening, I decided to go to the Open mic at a rival coffee shop. It was much better than usual this week, typically people aren't paying attention very well, but today the crowd was good. This guy and gal came up on stage and did a dual Vocal routine and just absolutely nailed it. They were amazing and I thought I recognized the guy. I wanted to talk to him afterwards and sure enough he was a student that I taught seven or eight years ago. The gal told me her name, and I remember that I taught her (for like 2 weeks) as well.  Hung out with them for like an hour, showed them around the shop, chatted for a little bit and parted ways. It was awesome seeing two of my former students all grown-up still pursuing music.

Obstacles to a Healthy Balance

I think that FaceTime meeting with the kids was good for them. I don't think that missing it today was what caused him to act so well, actually think that the FaceTime call from yesterday contributed to their good behavior today. I think it is important that I have a place to sleep in order to wake up on time.  I think if I do create a routine way around I FaceTime calls the kids are going to thrive.


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