June 20, 2017 - Losing Minds and the Dunlevy Lonely Man Studio


It was my first day of the week away from the family again. That always means the kids act nuts. They won’t listen their mom, and makes her start to lose her mind.  Then I lose my mind thinking about how I wish I was there to help.  We are so ready for this all to be over, I think all of us are.


Well I started off with a long list of stuff to do, got sidetracked with work on new artist model stuff. I finished a business plan type thing for our music.  They called it the “Music Plan for Success”. It was so awesome and really made me think about certain aspects of our career and how to achieve certain goals.

Mark and Sara both also had new students today for the first time. And the students knew each other which was cool. It's kind of fun having Mark and his girlfriend around…definitely makes for an interesting dynamic.  Lots of laughter, but lots of missed laughter because Heather and the kids are missing from the Dunlevy Family Band Studio.  It's more like the "Dunlevy Lonely Man Studio".

Obstacles to a Healthy Balance

100 miles get in the way. If only I had a ton of money. I am burnt out and exhausted, I want my family and I want them now.


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