June 15, 2017 - Special Visiter and Setting Up Live Music Upstairs


Today my three-year-old came and hung out with me at the shop for several hours. It was the highlight of my day. We drink coffee upstairs together, she spilled the coffee, we ate lunch together, she asked me questions… I answered questions, I gave her a big hug and kiss and told her I missed her. I wish I was with them right now.


Work wise, the biggest thing that I did today was set up a system for performances upstairs in the coffee shop. I scheduled four auditions and two other open audition times. It's gonna be awesome.

The other thing that I did was finish the advertisement for our August 6 show. We’re very  stoked about that!!

Obstacles to a Healthy Balance

I didn’t end up Facetiming with the kids again today. I wish for all of our sakes that we had. Sometimes it's easy to feel like a failure as a father, especially when they’re so far away from you. 


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