June 14, 2017 - Worrying My Wife Sick and Planning a Experiment


Heather stayed up practically all night worried sick about me.  I wasn't doing anything out of the norm...just sleeping in my car at the flying j.  But the car charger for the phone is busted and my phone was dead.  So I don't blame her at all...in fact, I was miserable too!!


I taught the preschoolers at the Montessori school this morning.  The kids were great!!  It made me want to teach my own!! You can read all about that in my latest F.A.M. Experiment blog.  I also gave them the invoice...which felt very good!!

I also talked to the guys at the open mic upstairs about collaborating on the open mic to attempt to make it the best one in town.  It sounds like we're going to work together on that soon!!

Obstacles to a Healthy Balance

Just the usual.  Being so far away.  But I am putting together a F.A.M. Experiment blog on testing their behavior before and after I FaceTime with them individually.  I'll let you know the results!!


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