June 13, 2017 - Non-Existent Family Life and I Won a Free Training!!


Sad to say, but if it weren't for a couple of conversations with Heather, my family time with them would not exist. I didn’t talk to the kids at all other than saying goodbye this morning. That is terrible. I have to do something about that.


On the other side of the coin, work was incredible. I taught my first lesson with the Montessori school Cheyenne. This is a huge account, we’ll be making $1500 from this account alone. If we get eight of those, that makes us a $100,000 a year Company.

Also, I was watching a webinar held by Dave Kusek of New Artist Model today... and I ended up winning a year long membership to their courses!! This is a big deal, this is basically free training for how succeed as a musician in the new business climate!! I am so excited about this!!

Obstacles to a Healthy Balance

Again the biggest thing in the way it was mileage between us. I did have a lot of work today, but I totally could have FaceTimed with the kids.  Immediately after this I am going to plug “FaceTime with each child individually” into my daily to do list.


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