July 1, 2017 - Rolyman and My New Title "Venue Talent Buyer"


Back together with the family today...and boy does it feel great...for everyone.  I'll be with them for 4 full days this go round, because the 4th of July is on Tuesday and our son has a dr.'s appointment in Denver on Wednesday.  Heather and I are having our usual late night adult time...only after I of course made up a new trampoline game with the kids ("rolyman"). Great day today.


Work was slow...as to be expected on Saturdays when I drive out of town for an hour to transition back into Family mode.  I didn't really feel like working.  But I did however acquire another new job title today...Venue Talent Buyer.  The Coffee Shop owner has asked me to help book music shows in their event room.  I was contacted by a concert promoter who wanted to book a couple of metal-ish bands.  But the local headliners she suggested all were drenched with satanic imagery and symbolism.  I am not comfortable with the idea of booking them as a result of my own faith in Christ, and because it goes against our family friendly image we are trying to build with DFB. 

Now, I do know a Concert Promoter who amazingly has brought several great bands, whom Heather and I personally love, here to Cheyenne somehow. His name is Aaron Casey, and I met him several years back through his dad Marlin.  These guys are stand-up individuals and  I would love to work with Aaron.  His music business resume is so impressive in several different areas that I believe we may have other projects we could team up on as well...we'll see what happens.

Obstacles to a Healthy Balance

The balance was great today...I did start the afternoon with the family off in the doghouse though.  I had a work deadline and had to wrap something up immediately after arriving in town.  They quickly forgave me after I finished and gave them my full attention.


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