May 4, 2017 - Heather's Birthday Car

Today was Heather's birthday.  All she really wanted for her birthday was to see her kids.  Sadly we weren't able to make it out there in time.  We had so much to do and just could never get out.  We'll just have to leave tomorrow.

We did have a pretty good day though.  I bought her a car for her birthday.  I'll probably be driving it mostly, at least for now.  It is mainly going to be for driving back and forth between here and where the rest of the family are going to stay.  It's a 2002 Ford Focus, manual transmission which is what Heather really wanted.  It was a steal at $1,000 and no mechanical issues!!

We also went out to lunch at Olive Garden and looked at RV's, our favorite birthday pastime!!


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