May 27, 2017 - I'm Going to take a Mini-Vacation

Worked all morning and into the afternoon until I had a huge realization.  Next week has 5 Thursdays and Fridays!!  This means I could take the whole week off if I wanted to.  And I want to, so I am going to.

I have a lot of catching up to do in the family aspect of my life.  A lot of organization and planning that must be done.  I think that each one of us is suffering in certain areas with these massive changes in our way of life.  We need to come together with a plan to get through this even stronger than before.

Our band has fallen a little behind as well.  We are in desperate need of regrouping for that.

So thinking about that all afternoon, I knew that I had to get specific things done in order to make it work.  and everything that I had to do just ended up being harder than it should've been.  I even had to call the cops on someone who thought that I wasn't serious about her not smoking on the property, which was a much bigger ordeal than it had to be.  She thought that I was just going to be fine and dandy with her cussing me out, calling me names and disrespecting the building owners.  I don't think so.

So anyway, I had planned to get out of town by 3pm.  I left at 11.  But I'm here now and it feels great to be with the people who I love (and love me) the most!!


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