May 21, 2017 - Butthead Ball

It was a great day.  I did some work (which in retrospect I wish I hadn't done, but I have to work hard to get our family back together), but quit early to play with the kids.  We played "Butthead Ball" again on the trampoline.  The kids love's pretty fun.  The name of the game is the if you get hit in the head or the butt 3 times, you are out of the game.  These kids are pretty good at it!!

I did however get cut short.  Heather was gone to the store and my son started throwing up.  He threw up all day sadly.  He has a lot of days like this.  It can be really scary with his hyrdrocephalus.  I'm pretty sure he's just a little sick though.

All things considered, I am just glad to be with my family. 


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