April 9, 2016 - Daddytime and Excited for the Future


Mark came over today and hung out with the family.  He kept the kids busy while we worked all afternoon.  He also took Heather to Kyle's to finish recording the single.  While she was there I was able to hang out with the kids.  I didn't do too much because I was exhausted...but we got to hang out and watch some Veggietales.  That was enough for my kids...they were just glad to have my full attention doing something they wanted to do.  My son was a little fussy for awhile, but it turned out he just had some gas.  Having five kids and one being an infant is very difficult.  It makes me very appreciative of Heather for sure...she's a super hero!!


We sealed the deal with the Instagram manager yesterday...and he got all of our info today.  We are very excited about having him on and we're pretty certain he's going to work out and help us get a lot of followers, especially since Heather is going to be working on it alongside the manager.

Root Beer Floats to celebrate finishing recording "Big Plans"

She also finished her vocals and that's a wrap for the recording part of the song.  On to mixing and mastering and hopefully we'll release the music video in the next couple of weeks.


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