April 24, 2017 - Total Wrecks and Inexperience Getting in the Way


This is very difficult.  Barring a miracle, it appears like I am going to be homeless here in Cheyenne while Heather and the kids live with some friends nearly an hour away.  I am not looking forward to that at all.  I have already spent more time away from my wife and kids this year than all 8 years of our marriage combined.  We are all just total wrecks and we are attempting to finish packing...which isn't working out too well.  Especially since we are trying to balance this with a campaign to get our story out on the internet...


We are working late into the night working on trying to get our music video out to more people.  It is just kind of a bummer that this is our first attempt at pushing content out as far as we can get it.  We are starting to figure it out as a matter of necessity...but it may be too late and it may take too long as everything we are doing is taking twice as long as it should as a result of our inexperience.  Maybe there's the reason for all of this. 


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