April 21, 2017 - Horse Supplies and Discouragement


Today we still just kind of worked around here, which left the kids to mostly watch movies and play with their toys all day.  I did take the time to read the six year old's favorite new catalog with her.  It is a horse supply catalog.  She has been mesmerized by this thing since she got it in the mail several days ago.  I really enjoyed that.  I really need to start doing something like that with everyone of them everyday. 


We feel stuck with this video.  We are counting on this thing reaching enough people that in turn see our story and then donate to our gofundme.  Other than that we are next to helpless.  No vehicle, no place to live in nine days, limited income from my lessons, bad credit, not enough time to get a different job outside of lessons and get paid from it to find a place.  We are extremely vulnerable right now.  We could really use a win on this video.

Sometimes we get discouraged for asking for money from our video, but then we step back and realize...we are really just asking to get paid for our service, the service of writing a song and filming a music video.


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