April 19, 2017 - First Music Video Launch!! and Babysitters!!


The kids had babysitters all day today.  We left before they were even awake.  Our six year old was mad at us...because she forgot that we were leaving.  So she had a rough morning she told us.

We did end up going out for a walk to the open mic night at the Asher and then eating at Arby's as a family.  It was a lot of fun.  They are really well behaved (for the most part) in public.  After a long day without them at all...it was great to have a family night.


Having babysitters allowed us to get a ton done work-wise.  We worked at the Coffee Depot in the Asher building.  We even had live musical entertainment from a blues guy named Lightnin' Len.  He was a pretty good player.  We launched the music video, created promos and ads for it, launched the website, finished the single album art, networked and a ton more.  It did seem like everything that could go wrong was going wrong...and it seemed like it took way too long to accomplish one task because of that today.  But looking back in retrospect, we really did get a lot done.

Now we just need that video to get a ton of views.


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