April 16, 2017 - Easter Pizza and Deeleted the Music Video Files


Today was Easter, and we had no vehicle.  So that was interesting.  We actually had to work most of the day to get all this stuff prepared for releasing the music video and single anyway, which kind of stinks but you do what you have to do as an entrepreneur. 

We did take a walk as a family and stopped working in the evening for awhile.  We went to Domino's, which was the closest food place to us that was open.  Then we took it home and watched some Easter kid's movies.


We've decided to hold off most of our Live Series until we move into our Studio, there is just too much to do right now.  We'll have a new location, new equipment (once we get the Grant check from the Wyoming Arts Council), and we won't be in the middle of trying to move, find a place to live and release a single.

Heather made this awesome graphic to let people know about the change.
I also had a little crisis happened this evening.  I wanted to move the music video files over to the other mac to work on...I moved the files and it told me it would take like 2 hours.  I didn't want to wait that long so I moved it back.  Then it said it would take a couple hours to do that.  While waiting the laptop ran out of power and I accidentally restarted it completely once I hooked it back up to the charger.  Then MY WHOLE FILE FOR THE MUSIC VIDEO WAS COMPLETELY GONE!!!  Praise God, I had compressed the whole thing into an mp4 file accidentally just an hour earlier.  I nearly puked until I found the file!! That's been something like 150 hours plus of work I thought was gone forever. 


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