March 20, 2017 - Walking a Fine LIne and Creating Live Show Agendas


I spent a bulk of the day running errands while the kids stayed home with their mom.  When I got back, the four year old (who turns five this week) decided to be mean to everyone.  Not a great idea in this house when your birthday is this week.  She now has to display near perfect behavior for the next two days or there will be serious consequences.  We don't put up with nonsense in this house.

My brother also came over.   He is going to be recording an album in December.  He is really excited about it.  He will be playing all the instruments for the album, 4 total if you include singing I believe.  I've heard some of it.  It's really good. 


For Work today, I began creating Agendas for our various Facebook and Youtube live shows.  These agendas include pre-show preparation, show agendas, and post-show agendas.  This will keep us prepared, organized and maximize the effectiveness and reach of each live internet show we put on.  Now I just need to type the agendas up, print them out and put them in a folder.

I also bought batteries to our sound effect machine for the live online shows and batteries for a tuner that displays a countdown, both of which we will use for our live online shows.


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