March 8, 2017 - More Music Video Editing


Not a great family day.  Nothing bad happened…the kids were good, everyone got along.  We are just still a little lopsided on work vs. family.  We need to get back into a nice even balance.  I will work on this and post on it again over the next few days.


Still working on the music video. It’s tough to work on sometimes…it’s like reliving the whole hospital stay.  I’m trying my best to tell the whole story with it by piecing together the limited footage that I got while at the hospital.  I had to get as much footage as possible for this in the span of 36 hours and I really didn't want to…neither did Heather.  I saw one clip of her playing her uke in the hospital room where she got mad annoyed that I asked her to play through the part one more time.  That clip worked out great…I threw it into a part where I needed her to look miserable…learned a new filming technique I guess.   

This experience has been great for me.  It’s so exciting that I can now use the visual aspect to better tell the story of my songs. I have learned so many techniques for filming and editing from this go-round.  It does make me wish that I could re-film many of the shots from the hospital…but I know some new stuff for next time. 


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